Karuizawa is Japan’s premier mountain resort. The town is an hour by bullet train from Tokyo and has numerous activities all year round. Hon Karuizawa is the main tourist and visitor area in  Karuizawa.

These are printable activity specific maps for visitors and year round residents. We hope you find them useful.

Please note that the maps are created by volunteers and may not be up to date when you use them. Please confirm directly with the venues before travel.

How to use:
The maps are downloadable PDF files linked below. Each map is standard A4 size and has two sides. The front is the map with numbers for the various venues. The back is the numbered list of the venues.  The maps can be viewed digitally on personal computers, smart phones or other devices which can display PDF files. Also, the maps can be printed out for easy carrying while traveling.

★Places to Stay(宿泊)
Hon Karuizawa Map – Hotels (ホテル)

Places to Dine(グルメ)
Hon Karuizawa Map – French (フレンチ)
Hon Karuizawa Map – Italian (イタリアン)
Hon Karuizawa Map – Karuizawa Toast (軽井沢トースト)
Hon Karuizawa Map – Soba (そば)

★Places for Nightlife(ナイトライフ、10時以降入店可能の店)
Hon Karuizawa Map – Bars (バー、スナック等)
Hon Karuizawa Map – Late Dining (居酒屋等、深夜食事が可能の店)


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